16 June, 2021

Bangalore Diary

For a few years now, in Bangalore — where, not so long ago, fans were unheard of — when it’s hot, it’s very hot...

Bangalore Diary

Hot off the press

For a few years now, when it’s hot in Bangalore, it’s very hot. That’s saying something for a city where, not so long ago, fans were unheard of. The most popular dance hall of the ’40s, Fennel’s, on South Parade (today’s M.G. Road), didn’t have them. Cask beer sufficed as coolant for the British soldiers who thronged the place. When Fennel’s was refurbished in 1948 as the offices of a newly conceived newspaper, the general manager, the late, lamented C.G.K. Reddy, installed ceiling fans for the first time. Bangaloreans said he was crazy. That first impression didn’t deter him and the paper’s fabled editor, Pothan Joseph, from building Deccan Herald into the city’s flagship daily.

Today, self-respecting offices and homes in Bangalore have split air-conditioners...

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