11 May, 2021

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Sanjay Rawat
Balcony Reads

Devil In Details

Chandramohan, the original choice for Emperor Akbar, had passed away by the time filming resumed, and was replaced by Prithviraj Kapoor; Sapru was too old to play Prince Saleem, making way for Dilip Kumar, and Madhubala as Anarkali stepped into Nargis’s jootis (the latter was by now mostly with Raj Kapoor).

—The Immortal Dialogue of K. Asif’s Mughal-e-Azam

When Raj Kapoor heard K.A. Abbas narrate the story of Awaara, he immediately gave him a signing amount —a princely sum of one rupee.

—The Dialogue of Awaara

Johnny Walker made for an unforgettable Abdul Sattar singing Sar jo tera chakraye in Pyaasa. But in the early footage, he played Vijay’s unscrupulous friend Shyam. Guru Dutt soon realised the audience wouldn’t take to Walker in a negative role, and cast his assistant director Shyam K. instead.


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