27 July, 2021

Badly Drawn Boys

On how our netas while away House time

Badly Drawn Boys

Imagine a school of very badly behaved children who never listen to the teacher, jump, scream and disrupt class even before it begins. After having closed down the school for the day, they lounge around in the classrooms and hang about in the corridors chatting and whiling away time. Now imagine if the kids are actually getting paid for all this!

That’s exactly what our parliamentarians have been doing in the winter session. So each time the House is adjourned, what happens in the precincts of Parliament, which is supposed to be the zenith of our great and vibrant democracy?

There are vibrant conversations and a great deal of lounging around. The catering from the canteen is quite decent, so if our ‘hard-working’ representatives get hungry along the way, they can always order a hearty lunch or a tasty snack. Parliament is catered to by the railways and there’s also a rather quaint lot of liveried and turbaned waiters who seem to be dressed in hand-me-downs from the last viceroy’s last...

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