19 January, 2021

Bad Neighbour Sam

Bad Neighbour Sam
  • "Coked-up cowboys shouldn’t run countries."

  • "Empty warhead found in White House."

  • "Bomb Texas. They have oil too!"

These are slogans that would not go amiss in Baghdad, or in some of those furious riots in Muslim countries over the past week. But no, I saw all of these during anti-war protests in Canada this week. Now this is a country that boasts of its close ties with the US. People speak of "the world’s longest undefended border". Canadians don’t even need a passport to visit the US. The two nations enjoy the world’s largest two-way trading relationship. Yet you might be forgiven for thinking that Canada is home to the North American version of the Saddam Hussein fan club these days. Consider these recent remarks by an MP from the governing Liberal party who thought her microphone was turned off.

"Americans!", said Carolyn Parrish with a snort, "I hate those damn bastards." She then looked up in disbelief at a conference room fallen silent and a sea of faces staring at her in shock and awe. But did she apologise? Far from it. In...



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