28 July, 2021

Bad Losers Or Whistleblowers?

BSP and AAP have accused BJP of rigging the EVMs. Do these accusations square up?

Bad Losers Or Whistleblowers?

Mayawati, BSP

  • On March 11, the day of the results, the BSP told the Election Commission in a complaint that its whistleblowers had information about BJP-hired software experts manipulating EVMs.
  • That EVMs were set in such a way that a certain share of votes automatically got transferred to the BJP.
  • Manipulation is absolutely clear, said BSP’s Devashish Jarariya, since prima facie 30-40% Muslim votes appear to have gone to BJP.
  • The BSP hasn’t come up with evidence to back its charge, saying it was working on it

Arvind Kejriwal, AAP

  • All forecasts showed a tight race between AAP and Congress.
  • Anti-incumbency against Akali-BJP govt was clear, yet it got 30% vote. This doesn’t add up, he says.
  • In Sujanpur Akhwa booth, AAP got 3 votes when its 7 local volunteers had 17 family votes. In booth 103, AAP got 2 votes against 27 family votes of 5 volunteers.
  • Kejriwal wants EVM votes...

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