25 June, 2021


Being his dad’s son weighs heavy on his shoulders. But Abhishek’s ready for it.


Chasing Abhishek Bachchan was, literally, a case of ring-around-the-Rosy. In this instance, Rosy being the secretary of father Amitabh Bachchan. In that heavy-duty chase was a speck, a suggestion of what Abhishek truly is-a superstar-son.

But he forgoes lunch, squeezing in time between shots, finally condescending to talk. About wanting to be, no, not a superstar but a "good human being" first. And then, a "good actor". Since he is a fledgling still awaiting take-off, we can concede that this cannot be all act.

Nor can the line "I-am-my-father’s-biggest-fan". With the rest of the country he can recite several of his dad’s grandest lines, has seen several of his films several times, counts Agnipath and Kaalia among his favourites. Suave for a 24-year-old, hint of the not-just-been-abroad-but-educated-there accent, monosyllabic with discomfiting questions, mobile-eyed with ones he can field, cogitating over even simple ones, like his father he projects a combination incompatible in others-humble hauteur.

After all, as he...

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