23 January, 2021

Awake, Ye Citizenry

An active, responsible and vigilant citizenry is our greatest need. Our apathy will be our death. Or murder.

illustration by Sandeep Adhwaryu
Awake, Ye Citizenry
The problems besetting India often seem so enormous, complex and inter-connected that there just doesn't seem any way out. Solutions offered by experts and well-meaning citizens seem sketchy or impractical. Still, the range and enormity of our problems is no excuse for inaction. Staying paralysed is no way to conquer the tall mountain looming ahead. We have to start scaling the mountain the only way we can—one step at a time. Every step, however small, however simple, is one step closer to the goal.

What is the one small step we could take to restore faith in the rule of law, in democracy, in justice, in creating an environment that gives its citizens equal treatment, safety and protection? In the aftermath of February 27, these are concerns that mock us, fears that agitate us, despair that threatens us all. One solution (and it is 'a' not 'the' solution) is small, simple: ban political transfer of bureaucrats.

Rule of law is simple. It is basic. It is not negotiable. There are no mitigating circumstances. There are no political compulsions or communal prejudices...


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