05 March, 2021

Suited, Booted And Going Full Throttle

Power-packed riding ­machines open up an Indian market for top-of-the-line biking gear

Photograph by Parthasarathi M.
Suited, Booted And Going Full Throttle

It’s a weekend and you’re thankful you’ve beaten the rest of the holiday-going city slickers to the highway. Now you’re zipping past, giving the crammed towns a wide berth. A toll plaza looms up and you join the queue, with a scowl. Out in the open again, as you contemplate life between one toll booth and the next, there’s a hum and a rider whizzes past your car. And, then, a beeline of riders. Say what you will—there’s something about motorcycling that’s inexplicable. Free will? Perhaps. But everybody else on the road turns to look. What they see now, however, is the Indian rider like he never was—all cladded-up, suited and booted.

For long, motorcycling enthusiasts in India pined for the big bikes—highway cruiser or speedster—but all they got were commuters. Now, there’s more BHP (Brake Horse Power) in the market than ever before. So you can’t just hop on and touch the spurs—riding skill is key and, of course, protection. ‘Level 2’ armour is in; windcheaters won’t help....

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