23 June, 2021

Australia: The Bomb Could Be An Issue

Australia: The Bomb Could Be An Issue

ECONOMIC reform has been the driving force behind the deepening relationship between India and Australia. "We welcomed the whole process of economic reform and liberalisation in India in 1991...which seemed to move away from past introspection and self-reliance towards greater engagement with the outside world," says a senior Australian government official in Canberra. But India's increasing importance in the Asia-Pacific region will depend heavily on which party comes to power following the 1996 general elections. "A relationship that draws from the fact that we both speak English, we play cricket, we have a common system of law and democracy...all those things were and are relevant, but what we both need now is a relationship that reflects India's role in the region, and our capacity and role in the region as well," he adds.

Canberra believes that under a non-Congress government, reforms may take a different turn. "It may be at a slower pace, if there were a non-Congress government in power, or if there were a...

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