22 April, 2021

Atoms And Leaks

The Kaiga N-plant leak leaves too many questions unanswered

Atoms And Leaks

Mishaps At Indian Nuclear Plants

  • 2001, Rajasthan: Turbine blade failures, cracks in end-shields, leaks in calandria, leak in many tubes in the moderator heat exchanger.
  • 1999, Tarapur: Tube failures result in de-rating of the reactor.
  • 1999, Madras: Four tonnes of heavy water leaks, exposing workers to radioactivity.
  • 1994, Kaiga: The pre-stressed concrete dome collapses while under construction.
  • 1993, Narora: Fire triggered by broken turbine blades leads to near-meltdown.
  • 1992, Rajasthan: Fire in 4 out of 8 pumps threatens to affect cooling system.
  • 1988, Madras: Heavy water leak exposes workers to radioactivity; plant shuts.
  • 1980, Madras: Zircalloy pieces found in moderator pump after inlet cracks.
  • 1976, Rajasthan: Reactors flooded due to construction...

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