13 April, 2021

At The Mercy Of The Gun

Militants unleash a reign of terror, asking ministers and legislators to resign or face death

At The Mercy Of The Gun

"Please do not kill me yet. I have only just become a minister after having lost three previous elections and am still learning (the job). Please tell me how to serve the interests of the people and please do not ask me to resign (from the state assembly), for that amounts to surrendering my commitment to the voters."
—M. Hemanta Singh, Manipur’s minister of state for sport and youth affairs, at a rally in Imphal in January.

Never before in the decade-and-a-half- old insurgency problem in the Manipur valley, has the fear of death stalked its leaders to such an extent. Last month, Chief Minister Rishang Keishing wrote to each of the ministers and 55 M L As , including those from the Opposition, asking them not to move within and outside the capital, Imphal, unless provided with adequate security.

A majority of them have since refused to even step out of the fortified Babupara Colony, where most ministers and M L As  live. Others, including Opposition leader and former Manipur People’s Party (M P P) chief  minister R.K. Ranbir Singh,...

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