24 October, 2020

Astad Deboo

The modern dance guru articulates his experiences with the hearing impaired

Astad Deboo
Describe your seven-year-long association with the Gallaudet University, the only liberal arts college for the hearing impaired, in the US.
Initially, I was involved with the Model Secondary School for the Deaf, which is a branch of the University. I got interested in the university's Young Scholars when they decided to do a programme on India.

What motivated you to work with Gallaudet?
The first step was when a friend asked me to conduct a workshop for the Action Players in Calcutta. The response was overwhelming. Gallaudet happened when a relative working there introduced me to Tim McCarty.

Do workshops with Young Scholars differ from those with Action Players?
Action Players is a consistent group. They're celebrating their 25th year. With the Young Scholars, time is limited. By the time you break ice, it's time to leave.

Are there any plans to integrate the Action Players and the Young Scholars for a workshop?
Next year I plan to take a group from Action Players, so let's see what support we...


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