13 June, 2021

Assembled In Pakistan

A reploughing of Jinnah's life, but shorn of balance

Assembled In Pakistan
Born and educated in the port city of Karachi, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the lawyer-politician, belonged to the mercantile Khoja community. Educated first at a local madrassa and the Christian Missionary High School, he soon followed his sister to Bombay, one of the four Presidency towns in British India. Jinnahbhai Poonja, the father, had made enough money to afford his son’s education in England. Jinnah spent over three years in London and imbibed aspects of upper-class English life. His secret ambition, he later said, was "to play the role of Romeo at the Old Vic". He felt at ease in the cozy chambers of Lincoln’s Inn, struck friendships, earned his teacher’s goodwill, and picked up a law degree. Returning to Bombay in 1896, he was enrolled as a barrister in the Bombay High Court. It was a dream that came true. Soon, he established his professional reputation and forged close links with the leading lights of Bombay’s society that included the lawyer Pherozeshah Mehta (1845-1915), in whose chambers he worked for some time.


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