03 August, 2021

Asian Games: Rumble In The Dangal

A trickle of precious gold at the Asiad could herald a gush of metal. Remarkably, our athletes are backed by self-serving official apathy, callousness and greed.

Photographs by PTI
Asian Games: Rumble In The Dangal

When it comes to sports, India is fortunate that its athletes find a way to overcome the impediments that its officialdom throws in their paths—whole areas fra­ught with politics and unprofession­alism. If India had won 10 medals (3 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze) by the end of the third day of the Asian Games, it has been possible in spite of official bungling, due to athletes’ own talent, resilience and steely determination. The government does provide facilities and exposure, but it’s a mite compared to the odds athletes face.

Many of the stories of the Games medal winners so far, and those who may or may not win, are tales of victories carved thr­ough adversity. The story of 65kg freestyle wrestler Bajrang Punia, who won India’s first gold in Jakarta and ace shooter Ravi...

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