05 August, 2021

Ashok Amritraj

The former tennis player and film producer on his new film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Ashok Amritraj

What’s different in this Ghost Rider sequel?

It’s a classic Marvel comicbook, but the superhero is darker than before. The visual effects are elevated, the 3D is cutting-edge, complex and has the perfect depth. The action is huge.

A simultaneous global and Indian release?

Yes, wide release has its benefits. Things are now more coordinated. Same day and date release cuts down on piracy quite a bit.

How is Ghost Rider different from Batman?

Superhero stories are all about good vs evil, about stopping the world from destruction. But in GR, the treatment, colour and feel is darker.

How was Hollywood when you started out?

I took the plunge into Hollywood in 1980. Everyone thought I was out of my mind. It was a white world then. I knocked on lots of doors and lots of doors were slammed in my face.

How have things changed now?

Less white, but not brown. It’s dominated by...

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