18 May, 2021

Ashok Ahuja

One of the first to start the digital art rage in India, Ashok Ahuja speaks about his exhibition, Allured.

Ashok Ahuja

At a time when painting was only done on paper/canvas, how did you begin to explore digital art?

I started using a computer as early as 1985. Gradually, new interfaces made it possible to work with graphics, and both still and moving images.

Tell us about your first exp­erience with the form.

Whether it’s an object or image—moving or static—the principles are the same.

Allured talks about exp­loring possibilities in in-betweens; has digital art more possibilities of bridging gaps?

Yes, for in the digital realm you are freed from the constraints of matter. Also you are not bound by any med­ium or technique. You can pick up a tool that comes from a painter’s studio or a photographer’s dark-room.

Your latest works seems to fuse the artist and filmmaker in you.

Possibly, for some works in the exhibition have multiple framed units. For me there is no difference in approaching a film or a single image.


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