23 January, 2021

Ariel Bombing

Peace suffers another knockout as Sharon decides to expel not only terror but also Arafat from Palestine, Labour begs to differ.

Ariel Bombing
When Israeli tanks began rolling into the West Bank town of Ramallah—the undeclared capital of the Palestinian Authority—on the night of March 28-29, 41-year-old schoolteacher Abu Yusuf Anabtawi and his wife heard frantic knocks on their bedroom door. Standing there were their three daughters, trembling in fear as the sound of machinegun fire tore ruthlessly into the silence of the night. Anabtawi tried to calm his daughters, but the distant thunder of the tanks continued to inch closer. By 3 am, they were in the street and the daughters could sense their father's fear.

Five days later, neither Ramallah nor Anabtawi had recovered from the shock of watching the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) mount their biggest military operation after the Lebanon war two decades back. Anabtawi told Outlook over the phone: "We cannot believe the number of tanks the Israelis have. There is at least one tank in every street of Ramallah. They regard every Palestinian as an entire Arab army and every Palestinian city as an entire Arab country."

As part of the military mobilisation,...


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