17 January, 2021

Ariane Mnouchkine

An Ibsen awardee, the acclaimed theatre director talks on what theatre is all about

Ariane Mnouchkine

What connects you to India and its practice of theatre?

In India, there is theatre on the streets. There is musicality in the gestures, in the way people walk and talk.

Does Indian theatre have a global acceptance?

Indian traditional theatre is above many other theatre forms. Their stories are recognised as sources, infl­uen­ces. It’s the bible of theatre.

Could you tell us about the structure of your workshops in Pondicherry?

I will direct; there will be actor participants from different places.

Your theatre is often termed as utopian. How?

The utopian is an ideal which hasn’t been realised yet. It is not an ‘impossibility’.

The only authored script you have worked on is Mephisto?

Yes, the rest of the scripts are done collectively. Here, the author was better than I.

Tell us about your first enco­u­nter with Kathakali.

The first time I saw...



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