24 January, 2021

Are Menstrual Disorders More Prevalent In Developing Countries?

Menstrual disorders may be more, not less, prevalent in developed countries

Are Menstrual Disorders More Prevalent In Developing Countries?

In all conversations around menstruation, the one topic that should have been at the forefront, and yet is hardly even touched upon, is menstrual health. Health is a very measurable entity. Numbers, diagnosis and medical expertise can easily point to exactly where we stand with respect to menstrual health. Yet, there is utter silence. In a recent trend, menstrual researchers such as those who gather on platforms like ‘Menstrual Health Hub’ have begun to state that there is a need to gather evi­dence-based research. This is a relief, especially after years of blindly pushing for sanitary napkins, saying these could save women from dangerous rep­roductive health issues.

But is it really the case that there isn’t enough data, or simply that we are not comfortable talking about what the existing data rev­eal? Let’s take a deep dive into this and look at what exactly is making the modern researcher uncomfortable when it comes to hard data on menstrual health.

Do developing countries rea­lly have a greater ­prevalence of...



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