26 October, 2020

Ara Diary

Anarkali of Arrah- Swara Bhaskar- on her travails of filming the masterpiece in the distant, forgotten homeland...

Ara Diary

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
Swara of Aarah

“Ara zilla ghar baa, kaun baat ka darr baa” (If you’re from Ara, what have you got to be scared of)...that’s what they say in this neck of the woods, the colloquial motto of the cheerfully unafraid native of Ara. Yes, I partly qualify, but it was still a completely new world to me when I was offered Anaarkali of Aarah. My roots lie in the region. My maternal grandfather’s family is from Patna (grandma was from Banaras). But I never grew up in Bihar. I had no idea about Ara, or what made it tick, what produced its natural ebullience. That’s why, when I agreed to do the film, I decided to go down and see for myself what it was really like. Ara was not only just a setting for the...



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