02 August, 2021

Apsara Factory

Indian beauty ticks at pageants, thanks to the shifting turfs of big international businesses

Apsara Factory

India has done it again. On December 4, way past the ist Cinderella hour, four women in white paled away as the name Maiden India, the fifth of the lot, was called out. Yukta Mookhey had repeated the success which had been tasted by predecessors Aishwarya Rai in Sun City and Diana Hayden in Seychelles not so long ago. In the Queen's own country, the six-feet stunner strode off with the Miss World crown.

It was time to celebrate for the winning team comprising fashion designer Hemant Trivedi, Anjali Mukherjee, Dr Jamuna Pai, Mickey Mehta, Sabira Merchant, and of course, mastermind Pradeep Guha and Femina editor Sathya Saran. But jubilation, now, is something to which the team has got a lot used to. What had begun as a surprise package over five years ago has evolved into an almost surefire recipe for success.

The formula, which has been worked out to the last decimal of perfection, has, of late, been elbowing the Venezuelans out of the victory spot. Personalised food plans from Health Total; fitness and tapping the spiritual within at Body One; shaping up and 'losing...

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