25 February, 2021

Anyone For Tennis?

This national icon also wields a racquet and has a mean forehand

Getty Images (From Outlook 29 April 2013)
Anyone For Tennis?

Every Indian loves cricket and in turn Sachin Tendulkar. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Sachin is an Indian national obsession of sorts. He has driven the nation to ecstasy and agony, got them to laugh and cry, celebrate and mourn. There are many reasons for this, the main one being that not only is he the best at what he does and has been so for well over two decades, but also for the way he carries himself off the pitch and represents our nation in forums across the world.

All of 1.2-plus billion Indians crave to meet with Sachin in some capacity. For some he is their ultimate hero and icon and for others he is the saviour who has helped them smile every time he has stepped on to the cricket field. He has been deified in India and in the ever-growing Indian diaspora and it is understandable why.

Speaking for myself, I have been one of the few fortunate ones who have had the privilege of interacting with him multiple times in the course of our careers spanning the last two decades. To start off, I have played tennis with Sachin, and he has a mean...

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