16 June, 2021

Any Samosa Chutney Left?

Any Samosa Chutney Left?

He loves to play the fool. He also loves to play to the gallery, though the carefully cultivated facade conceals a sharp mind. Not surprisingly, there is an entire section in cyberspace dedicated to Lalooisms and Laloo jokes. Sample this: how do the French describe a washroom? Why, La Loo, of course.

In college, he made the number of washrooms in hostels a major plank of his campaign in the student’s union election. “Look at the vice-chancellor. An old man, he lives alone in this palatial bungalow with as many as five bathrooms. Why does he need five bathrooms? Look at us, over one hundred students are also forced to share five bathrooms in the hostel. Is that fair?” No prizes for guessing that he won.

His father was a peasant and his elder brother employed as a peon in the Veterinary College, Patna. Till the day he was elected the Janata Dal leader in the assembly, and thus anointed the chief minister of Bihar in 1990, he lived in the humble peons’ quarters in the college campus with his family, though he had already been an MP and an...

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