14 June, 2021

Anushk Mittal

The 17-year-old prodigy on developing a sleep app called ‘Sleepisle’, which won him the Apple scholarship 2016

Anushk Mittal

Why ‘Sleepisle’?

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping; inadequate sleep makes individuals imp­atient, vulnerable to anxiety, and inefficient. So why not create something that helps battle that!

Tell us about the app.

It’s not a regular, passive sleep-tracker but actively monitors heart rate and plays dreamy melodies to improve your sleep efficiency.

What about the $1,599 Apple scholarship ticket?

It feels good to be recognised; It’s an honour to have made my parents, school, principal proud.

You call yourself a sleepy-head.

During my holidays, while my fellows played, travelled and engaged in summer camps, all I did was sleep.

You are only on the iOS platform.

I have always been a typical tech-savvy iPhone user and it had to be iOS.

Your app had over 3,000 downloads too!

It has been a mixed bag of feedback despite the downloads. Many have applauded the app, other reviews...

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