24 July, 2021


The director of this film has a new middle name — Ritu "porno" Ghosh.

Starring: Jackie Shroff, Abhishek Bachchan, Soha Ali Khan, Roopa Ganguly
Director: Rituparno Ghosh
Rating: ***

The director of this film has a new middle name — Ritu "porno" Ghosh. He has had a great rapport with his genteel audiences so far, but with Antarmahal, he's facing their outrage for crossing the line. Just like Aparna Sen was accused of in Paroma. Ghosh is no longer the gentle and subtle filmmaker we used to know. In , we hear a new, powerful voice that ridicules and attacks every symbol of oppression—gender, religious and feudal—against the colonial backdrop. Sometimes, when Ghosh is a tad too high-pitched, you wish he would wind down a bit. He makes no attempt to make you feel good or optimistic—get ready for the shock, hurt and discomfort. Now, the sex. It's rampant and relentless, but clearly a metaphor for oppression.

Decadent 19th century zamindar Bhubaneshwar Choudhury (Jackie) has brought home the lovely Jashomati (Soha) to beget a son,...

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