05 August, 2021

“Another Corridor Should Have Been Chosen”

‘Metro man’ E. Sreedharan on the bullet train project

AFP (From Outlook Issue 18 January 2016)
“Another Corridor Should Have Been Chosen”

‘Metro man’ E. Sreedharan, feels that India has done the right thing by making a start in bullet trains and that it will transform travel in the country. In 10 years, he says, the economy would improve and bullet trains would become affordable. However, the government might have erred in selecting the Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor. Excer­pts from an interview with Arindam Mukherjee

Do you think it was a right decision to go for bullet trains when the railways need funds for development?

We have to make a start. India does not have high-speed trains when other countries have moved far ahead. High-speed trains are the solution to modern transportation and will be extremely relevant in the future.

But is this coming at a very high cost?

The main advantage is we are making a start. Also, we are getting financial assistance from Japan with a long payback time. This ensures that the liability will not be high. There is no burden on the government as the...

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