14 May, 2021

Anjali Mukherjee

The dietician on why 'Asiaweek' chose her as Asia's leading health campaigner

Anjali Mukherjee
How does it feel to be hailed thus?
It feels good. The same feeling one experiences when one does something well, like treating a patient successfully.

What helped you make the Asiaweek grade?
Asiaweek just contacted me from Hong Kong. I think they heard of me from some of my clients.

Are there eating trends you find tough to digest?
Suddenly, a lot of people in the cities are going the Western way. People have moved away from basic Indian food towards fried foods.

Why do you think you have so many people eating out of your hand?
All I do is take people to their roots and make them do what they should be doing.

Do you see yourself as a beauty queen maker?
No, I don't see myself as that. I've been a consultant to beauty contests for 4-5 years. These girls are already beautiful but raw. All I do is fine-tune their diet and lifestyle.

What does 'Health Total' offer a person?
As the name suggests, a complete health package. It's a personalised nutrition programme comprising...

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