10 May, 2021

Animal Charm

Mawky, but a mega seller

Animal Charm
THIS is the bestselling debut novel that earned the author a $6-million advance. Thirteen-year-old Grace Maclean and her horse Pilgrim are run over by a 40-ton truck in upstate New York in the first snowfall of winter. Grace loses a leg and Pilgrim, though horribly injured, is not put to sleep by Grace's mother Annie Graves, who comes to believe that the destinies of the two are inextricably linked and for her daughter to recover Pilgrim would have to come back to being the splendid horse he was before the accident which turned him into a violent animal.

Annie's search for a horse psychiatrist leads her to Tom Booker, a horse whisperer, so called because he can see into the creature's soul and soothe the wounds he finds there. Though, refusing to take on Pilgrim initially, Booker finds it hard to say no again when Annie drives all the way to his ranch in Montana on the Rocky Mountain Front with both Pilgrim and Grace.

What follows is a period of recovery for both. Booker puts Pilgrim through his paces and to know what's going on in his head he makes...

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