27 September, 2020

Angry Dhoklas

Angry Dhoklas
It’s not easy being a Gujarati in the capital these days. My friends collar me and ask what I’m doing about Gujarat. How come Narendra Modi’s shenanigans have suddenly become my responsibility? I don’t know the man. I was born in Fiji and the Gujaratis I know live on Malabar Hill. Still, since everyone is getting into the Gujarat fray, let me put forward a proposition: vegetarians can be as blood-thirsty as the rest of them. They will not step on an ant or kill a chicken, but will have absolutely no qualms about putting a knife in someone in the name of religion. Figure that one out.

Second proposition: Gujarat is riot-prone precisely because a large section of its population is vegetarian. In the north, the Hindus and Muslims share the same food habits, give or take a masala or two. Both are largely meat eating. They socialise and are in and out of each other’s homes. Hindus and Muslims attend weddings of the other community and break bread together at other festivities. On the other hand, a Gujarati vegetarian—I am not talking here about the sophisticated...



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