14 May, 2021

Angel And Demons

Five-year-old Pari’s corpse racks Odisha still. Her parents swore by fire to accuse an organ trader and a minister. The SIT has a new claim, but no one believes it.

Angel And Demons

The ‘Pari case’, as it has come to be known, has not budged an inch from the limelight since it burst into public glare under bizarre circumstances nearly a month ago. Shock and outrage swept across Odisha as the parents of Pari, a five-year-old girl from Jadupur village in Nayagarh district, attempted self- immolation in front of the assembly on November 24 in a desperate bid to draw the attention of the powers-that-be after being driven to mental meltdown by local police—over four months after Pari was abducted and killed on July 14.

Since then, the case has riveted public attention as it has taken one bizarre turn after another. After being rescued by police while trying to self-immolate on November 24, Pari’s parents—Ashok and Soudamini Sahu—had alleged that their daughter was killed by cartel of ill­egal human organ trade for transplants. They even named the killer as Babuli Nayak of their village and pointed finger at agriculture and higher education minister Arun Sahoo for allegedly shielding Babuli.

With the winter...

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