29 July, 2021

And The Bride Wore

Guess what keeps our famed designers ticking? Those big bash traditional weddings and not ramps in the metros.

And The Bride Wore
INDIAN weddings are about dazzling colours, bright lights and mega opulence. Where money is never the criterion, only the occasion is. Where from  the moment one is born, marriage is considered to be the all- important pinnacle of happiness. Not surprising then that the nascent fashion industry here should hang onto the coat -  tails of this Indian festival of ostentation for its very survival.

The durability of this flamboyant Indian tradition, especially the way people still  wed, encouraged National Institute of Fashion Technology ( NIFT ) to bring the Asian Bridal Summit to Delhi. Says choreographer Harmeet Bajaj, "The Japanese designer Yumi Katsura conceived this summit as tradition is eroding there. This was a way to reinforce one’s commitment to it. This is a visual representation." She adds, "No  matter how westernised you may be, you don’t get married in a pair of shorts, kiss the bride, exchange rings and it’s all over. Here, it’s much more than that. We don’t want to lose that tradition."

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