08 May, 2021

...And Soros The Spider

Does 'philanthropic speculator' George Soros have an ideological agenda against ASEAN?

...And Soros The Spider

MALAYSIA'S prime minister Mah-athir Mohammad does not lose an opportunity to bash US investment banker George Soros, who is dubbed a one-man central bank but prefers to be known as a "financial, philanthropic, and philosophical speculator". Mahathir blames Soros for the recent attacks on the Malaysian ringgit that shaved 16 per cent of its value against the dollar. But Soros, whose personal worth is calculated at £625 million, denies attacking the ringgit and has blamed Mahathir for being a "menace to his own country".

A few days after Myanmar's admission into ASEAN in July, Mahathir blamed Soros, the chairman of Soros Fund Management, for being behind the attacks on regional currencies in order to punish ASEAN governments for welcoming Myanmar's military regime into the grouping. A Soros official denied the charge. But Soros, a self-appointed global humanitarian, abhors juntas, and his Open Society Institute has lobbied for democracy in Myanmar through its Myanmar project for the last three years. Incidentally, it is no secret...

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