24 June, 2021

'And Sir, Who Might You Be?'

The dumbing down of TV begins early—with the first-time reporters

Sandeep Adhwaryu
'And Sir, Who Might You Be?'
Mr Verma has one ambition in life. And that is "to touch the sky keeping my (sic) firmly on earth, as well as to bear out and excel". I'm still not sure what he means but he is quite serious about it because that's what it says in the first line of his CV. Young Indians used to aspire to be doctors or engineers. Now they want to be in TV news. And luckily for them the sign on the door of many channels often says "Experience not required", something any politician will testify to. The former home minister Indrajit Gupta was once doggedly pursued by a young journalist on his way out of Parliament. When he finally agreed to stop for the news crew, he was asked the probing question "Sir, would you please say something". The second question was: "And sir, who are you?"

There are hundreds more people like this being churned out everyday by a new growth industry, the news anchoring course. This is where some poor schmuck pays a large sum of money to do a two-week course which they believe will qualify them for a highly paid job in a TV channel....

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