18 September, 2020

And Jaswant Said 'Dumb, Dumb, Dumb'

More than a foreign correspondent's diary, this is an informed, evocative, honest view of India in the '90s

And Jaswant Said 'Dumb, Dumb, Dumb'
Most foreign correspondents writing on India get their quota of quotable quotes from the usual suspects of the Delhi durbar. Christopher Kremmer has one too. But his publishers have failed him in not getting this one on primetime television when Parliament was in session last month. It would have rocked Rajya Sabha.

It’s a quote with a cash value equivalent to Jaswant Singh’s "mole" claim. Except, this time Jaswant would have paid the price! Kremmer quotes a "Western diplomat" who was with Jaswant when the latter received the call informing him of the Pokhran-II tests. After the call was over, Kremmer quotes the unidentified diplomat as saying: "(Jaswant Singh) brought us into a tight group around him, and said, ‘You won’t believe this—India has just tested. Only five people knew. I have to go on TV tonight. This is dumb, dumb, dumb’."

But that is just about the only ‘Breaking News’ stuff in this warm look at India of the 1990s.

Every statement about India, and its opposite, can be true. So anyone can write a book...



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