29 September, 2020

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How to keep our players running at frenetic pace for 90 minutes

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And Also

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Final Strength

In Euro 2016, Gareth Bale and Wayne Rooney have shown how they can run at frenetic pace for 90 minutes. This is achieved by scientifically conditioning their body right from their grooming stage like in the Barcelona FC academy. Indian boys may survive for 90 minutes but lack of strength make them listless as the match progresses. Remember, strength plays a key role in conditioning. Weak limbs can’t keep moving. Our boys, right from age 9-10, must learn the fundamental movements like squat, lunge, bend and push-up with their own body weight. From 11, they should graduate to sub-maximal loads like 2-4 kg dumbbells, resistance tubes, medicine balls etc while doing squat, lunge or chest press. By the time they’re 16, Olympic lifts such as power clean, jerk should be bread and butter for them.

—Chinmoy Roy

strengh and conditioning coach



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