23 January, 2021

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Fast bowling and back problems.

Illustration by Saahil
And Also

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Mitchel Starc has recently bowled the fastest recorded delivery in Tests. In similar efforts, many fast bowlers suffer from back problems. While bowling, the lumber spine has to withstand great rotational force. Remodelling bowling act­ions with better biomechanics, apart from working on core stability, is an answer. Firstly, find the weak link in the core. It may be in the anterior, posterior or lateral part. For weakness in anterior core begin with planks. For weakness in the posterior core start with one-legged bridges. Side planks are administered for a weak lateral core. After developing basic core strength, progress to more challenging exercises. Remember, developing lateral core strength with rotational exercises like diagonal woodchop, lunges and rotation is also important.

Chinmoy Roy, health and conditioning coach




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