15 May, 2021

Ananth Mahadevan

On his Marathi biopic Mee Sindhutai Sapkal, that has won him plaudits in the festival circuit

Ananth Mahadevan

What gave you the idea for this film?

I had read about Sindhutai in TOI’s Crest edition and was intrigued. It was like a film script.

What was interesting about her?

It was dramatic, sometimes absurd. She’d been through so much—tried to commit suicide twice, had three children by 16, was thrown out of home by 20. And was now doing singular work with orphan girls.

Wasn’t it absolutely different from what you’ve done earlier?

Actually, after Red Alert and Staying Alive, I felt it was a fitting follow-up.

How did she react to a film on her life?

She was skeptical. She had been approached for a film before but nothing had come of it. She felt we were just some more filmi people. But we managed to convince her.

Was she present during the shooting?

She was there to give authenticity to the characters and helped us keep the reality intact.

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