31 July, 2021

An Open Affair With Freedom

Sex outside wedlock has commonly evoked the ­prurient ­rather than the idea of self-fulfilment. A new ­generation of women and men are changing that, and how!

An Open Affair With Freedom

Prakriti* is a typical 20-something successful graphic designer in Delhi. She lives with friends, away from home, like many other young ­professionals in the city. What stands out about her, perhaps, is that she identifies herself as “polyamorous”. What’s that?  “Simply put,” she explains, “it means not putting all your relationship and emotional needs in the same basket.” Claiming to be in open and honest relationships with more than one person, she says, “All my sexual partners know about the others and are comfortable with it. Some of them are in other relationships too.” She is among a growing number of educated urban youth who are changing the way society looks at intimate or sexual relationships.

 When one thinks of sexual intimacy in the contemporary world, one is more likely to conjure up the image of the sassy Samantha going around New York in Sex and the City looking for her next fling than that of the demure Scarlett O’Hara waiting for a lost love. Most young people these days...

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