24 July, 2021

An Insecurity Complex

The US wants Third World permanent members on the Security Council, but will India make it?

An Insecurity Complex

TALK about a volte face. The sudden announcement by Bill Richardson, US envoy to the UN, that Washington was willing to include three developing countries as permanent members of a new, expanded Security Council reversed a five-year-old policy that pushed for limiting admission into the powerful club to two economic superpowers—Japan and Germany.

In fact, the US is understood to be keen on negotiating an agreement as soon as this fall on the basic structure of a reformed council, so that it can be taken up during the General Assembly session. "The message we are sending is that we want to be players on the Security Council reform and that we are ready to admit three developing countries to shake up this languishing process," Richardson said.

Expectedly, the news cheered emerging regional powers such as India, Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa and Brazil; disappointed their regional rivals such as Pakistan and Argentina; and confused many other nations. Pakistan is fiercely opposed to including any...

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