12 May, 2021

An Atrocity Devours All

For his naive, lofty faith in Indian justice, Yakub must hang

An Atrocity Devours All

Neither Yakub Memon nor the CBI has told the truth about one of the most incredible episodes in the annals of crime—the return of the Memon family to India more than a year after the March 12, 1993, serial bombings in Bombay. Ordinarily, it may not have mattered. But their return and the long-drawn-out trial constitutes a saga of honour, faith, identity, the need for redemption, and the trauma of betrayal by the state.

So a lot depends on the answer to the question: how and why did Yakub Memon, younger brother of the notorious ‘Tiger’ Memon, return to India in 1994, followed by 10 of his family members, including his wife and newborn daughter?

The CBI maintained that it arrested Yakub while he was loitering outside a railway station in Delhi. It would require a very gullible judge to swallow this. Yakub has ins­isted that he surrendered voluntarily. But he too has never fully clarified the circumstances of his arrest.

I met Yakub in a CBI officer’s cabin shortly after his arrest. Dressed in a burgundy-coloured shalwar (his...

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