22 September, 2020

An Area Of Darkness

It's a bleak scenario. Countrywide. And if the Government doesn't put its power house in order, and that too real quick, we will have to get used to electricity being a luxury.

An Area Of Darkness

IT was the bleakest New Year's day for the capital and surrounding towns in recent decades. In the early hours of January 1, barring the so-called VIP areas, the whole of Delhi was plunged into sudden darkness, as the National Thermal Power Corporation's 840-MW Dadri power station in Uttar Pradesh, which reserves 90 per cent of its supply for the capital, tripped around 3 am.

Long spells of power breakdowns persisted, adding up to 10-12 hours a day. At the time of going to press there were no signs of the capital's requirement of 1,900 MW being fully met. A shortfall of up to 350 MW continues. And this is the—incredible—sixth time in five weeks that the Northern grid developed glitches. Union Power Ministry officials attributed the frequent grid failures to poor maintenance of equipment. Late last week, Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma was talking about imposing power cuts even in the VIP areas, unprecedented in Indian history.

Far away in Bhagalpur, Anwar-ul-Haq would have surely smiled cynically if he came to know of the plight of posh Delhiites....



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