14 May, 2021

An Actor Prepared In Wasseypur

Some subtlety would have spared Nawaz the blushes, but this is about a sensitive man, pummelled by relentless humiliation, finally breaking out

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An Actor Prepared In Wasseypur

An honest autobiography is often applauded, but it also stirs many a hornet's nest. ­Given the storm that a tell-all memoir invariably generates, few celebrities dare to open the cupboard of their lives to let people count all the skeletons stacked INS­ide. Many public figures are loath to the idea of revealing any unsavoury episode, howsoever cathartic, fearing it might ruffle a few feathers and ride roughshod over sentiments of others.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the poster boy of new-age Bollywood, apparently had no such fears when he thought of baring his heart in his autobiography, An Ordinary Life: A Memoir, co-authored by Rituparna Chatterjee. He apparently thought that the story of his life, with all its twists and turns, ought to be told as truthfully—and as quickly—as possible. That is why he rustled up a book barely five years after he made a mark as a versatile actor, describing among other things each of his crushes, flings, live-in relations and bed romps—even his first kiss in a play—with the palpable excitement of a...

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