25 October, 2020

Amritsar Diary

My first visit to the Golden Temple and I am both awed and appalled.

Amritsar Diary

Blue Star Blues

It is my first visit to the Golden Temple and I am both awed and appalled. The latter because it is hard to associate Operation Blue Star and Operation Black Thunder with such magnificence. Only the desperate would drive tanks into a place like this. I stare at the Akal Takht, trying to erase images of 1984 from the mind. I was too young to grasp the politics, but do remember that my only Sikh friend in Bombay then, my college pal, was deeply disturbed. He decided to leave India forever the evening Blue Star ended; it took me years to truly understand his anguish.

Today, as I sit in the company of millionaires and paupers, and dig into the tasty langar, the enterprise, efficiency and selfless dedication of the Sikh community overwhelm me. The many sevaks voluntarily work to feed the hungry, day after day, and with clockwork...



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