15 May, 2021

Amitabh Bachchan

In my isolated splendour, I plan my great roles in movies. So what if my role in Gatsby was only two minutes long.

Illustration by Sorit
Amitabh Bachchan

Everyone knows that actors ‘feel’ more than others. Dear Secret Diary, some of your pages are smudged because I cried (real tears, not glycerine) watching the devastated pilgrims on the Kedarnath yatra who were felled by landslides and floods. I even wanted to visit temples and challenge God (my normal routine in films) to protest this injustice. Now some people have suggested that my new bungalow in Juhu should be used to house and take care of the Uttarakhand survivors. This, I feel, is quite unfair. Can’t I buy  one more bungalow without the media making an issue of it?

Dear diary, mine is a growing family and it may expand more in future. Since the people of Juhu are delighted with our existing four bungalows (Prateeksha, Janak, Vatsa, Jalsa),  the fifth one will be a boon to the fans who assemble outside our four bungalows to get my ‘darshan’. Why a fifth, some may ask? Because 5 is my favourite number. The Panch Pandavas are my favourite epic heroes. The five ‘crorepati’ shows raked in the moolah and the next one...

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