29 July, 2021

Amit Singh, Mumbai

Born December 29, 1994

Apoorva Salkade
Amit Singh, Mumbai

Walking around Mumbai’s most iconic mill lands comes naturally to Amit Singh, whose father worked at Century Mills until it closed a few years ago. The sharp contrast of the lives of mill workers with the glitzy social life in nearby malls and lounge bars does not escape him or his friends. What he does not like is the new impression people seem to have developed about the mills. “The Shakti mills gangrape has damaged our image. It was definitely not like that before.”

What I want to be

I am doing my graduation in commerce, after which I hope to study further to get a good job. We are the first generation who will not get any mill jobs. We need to think hard of what we want to do.

My idea of India

It should develop fast and become a superpower.

My dream

We see really fancy glass offices coming up around us. But it is foolish to expect that we will work in those buildings, unless we become qualified. But to study for an MBA we need money. I will move to any...

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