15 June, 2021

Amit Chaudhuri

The novelist's debut music album playfully marries Western pop to Indian raga

Amit Chaudhuri
So this is not fusion?

Not in the usual sense. You won’t hear fusion that uses Eric Clapton’s Layla as an entry to a classical raga or vice versa.

As a writer, how do you describe your music? It’s like Marcel Duchamp taking a urinal, turning it upside down and naming it a fountain—it takes things that are already there and puts them in a new context.

So you made a song out of OK Tata and buri nazar wale seen behind a truck?

It had been rattling in my head till one day I decided to write it down. The music came later.

You made a song out of a cheesy poster, too!

Yes, Moral Education is based on charts sold on pavements and sometimes hung in classrooms in municipal schools. Its grammar is perfect for a song, not poem.

Aren’t you worried you won’t be taken seriously by classical Hindustani musicians?

That’s the least of my worries. There comes a time in every musician’s life when a creative avenue opens and it’s stupid not take the path.

Your being a novelist...

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