22 January, 2021

Ambedkar Is Proof Of Hindu Pluralism

Why we didn’t send liberators like him the Joan of Arc way, or declare them kafirs

Illustration by Saahil
Ambedkar Is Proof Of Hindu Pluralism

The glory of Mother India reigned supreme in Ambedkar’s mind. In Riddles in Hinduism he concludes, “The time has come when the Hindu mind must be freed from the hold which the silly ideas propaga­ted by the Brahmins have on them. Without this liberation India has no future.” Who would disagree with him?

 It was the future of the nation that worried him and rightly so. If the depressed classes had remained in the shackles of “touch-me-not-ism”, to borrow Viv­eka­nanda’s words, India would have seen more bitter class war, bringing us all even more ignominy. It is, in fact, quite meaningless to quote scripture and old sacred books which have not inspired or guided the vast majority of Hindus to break out of their aloofness towards the woes and pain of the scheduled castes, who, even today, are vulnerable to recurrent atrocities such as Gohana (Haryana) or the brutal killings of the Sankars for marrying “your high-caste Kousalyas”. The widowhood of Kousalya demands an answer from all Hindus and...



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