03 March, 2021

Am I Gonna Go My Way?

Be your own boss. That simple but seductive motto is what motivates big dreamers, fuelled by easing cash flows, to reshape entrepreneurship.

Am I Gonna Go My Way?
To reach R.K. Caprihan's new office, you have to drive into the narrow bylanes of Neb Sarai village in the suburbs of Delhi and honk your way past some very traffic-rules-challenged cows. Quite a change from the plush rooms he occupied as marketing director of scooter major lml, or deputy managing director at Samsung. Today, when he goes out of town on work, there's no chauffeur-driven limousine waiting to take him to some fancy hotel. He hails a cab and heads for a three-star.

Heard of an ad agency called Ideas Creative Services? It's run out of a small basement office in a middle-class residential colony in Delhi. A team of four owns the agency—started in July 1998—one of whom was a director at Rediffusion, where the other three were creative directors. All four have been more attuned to handling multi-crore accounts and working out of tony offices. Each of them has taken a massive pay cut.

Let's go down to Bangalore and meet Prakash Gurbaxani, ceo, 24/7 Customer.com, an electronic customer relationship management (ecrm) company. Gurbaxani lived in the US for 14...

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