01 August, 2021

Always Keep The Sunny Side Up

Most of urban India ­suffering from vitamin D deficiency is not at all aware of it

Sunny Day
The best source of ­vitamin D is free
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Always Keep The Sunny Side Up

What a great prescription, to be told by the doctor, to simply sun-bathe. Sit in the garden. Drink your morning tea on the terrace. Go to the beach. Just sit in the sun. Seems like a simple enough solution to your medical ailment. A solution that should come easy for most of us.

However, more and more people in urban India are suffering from vitamin D deficiency caused primarily by the lack of sunlight. Every other ­person seems to be afflicted with it these days, and every other doctor seems to be prescribing tests for it. Is the concern valid? Perhaps so, as those aches and pains we often feel and ignore may have to do with something deeper, something in our bones. Vitamin D deficiency can cause low bone mineral density. It is linked to the rise in osteoporosis. The deficiency can also cause rickets, cardiovascular diseases, ­diabetes, stroke, cancer, asthma, obesity, hypertension and tuberculosis. The bones get so weak that they ­become prone to bending, even snapping. From 26 million people in 2003, to 50 million people in 2015, there has been an explosion...

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