25 September, 2020

Alternative Paradigm

A rethink on development is needed to tackle ecological omnivores

Alternative Paradigm
WHAT Happened in History is the name of V. Gordon's path breaking work on archaeology. And every time a historian sits down to write, he must address the same question and attempt an answer. Our republic is almost half a century old—which is but a brief moment in time—and if we consider the span of 5,000 years of our proto history and history, future generations must also pose the question: what happened?

In this context, Gadgil and Guha's Equality and Equity is thought-provoking. And, as the sub-title suggests, it is concerned with how the State has treated nature in post-Independence India. The book is divided into two parts. The first is an overview of our society and its relationship with nature. Upon attaining Independence, the purpose of the State itself underwent a change—from maintenance of law and order and as supplier of raw materials to the mother country, it addressed itself to development for its own people. A commendable and natural outcome of freedom. But, the trouble starts when one looks at who controls the State and for whose ben-efit the...



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